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Re: [fab] final rough draft

On Tue, 2006-08-15 at 14:30 -0300, David Barzilay wrote:
> On a related note, last week I talked to a journalist from the 2nd 
> biggest daily newspaper in Brazil, who was very interested in the fact 
> that I (a non-tech guy)  was working for Fedora Project. It might be 
> worth to promote this and get even more contributors to different 
> projects i.e. docs, trans, events, etc

Jack Aboutboul and I did an interview with Linux Format magazine last
week, and as usual I took the opportunity to pepper the discussion with
examples of community documentation successes.  Just like with you, we
benefit from this pushing out in front our non-technical positions.  If
they use the picture they took at the booth with Luya, Jack, and I, then
you've got a nice cross-section there -- Fedora Art, Fedora technical,
and Documentation.  All of us Ambassadors.  How cool is that?

- Karsten
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