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I hope Im right mailing you, if not please forward this mail to whoever
is maintaining the cdrtools collection within Fedora, thank you. :)

As you know Debian had some - discussions - with Jörg Schilling about
his recent license changes to CDDL. As he wasnt cooperative we now
forked cdrtools to cdrkit and are working on the first release. If you
(or whoever else you may want to forward this) wants to join and help us
maintaining a free fork without license problems, and with an upstream
you can actually discuss with :) - we would love if you join.

Currently we have it building on usual architectures, some random ones
like alpha have problems. svn, mailinglist, etc. is hosted at
alioth.debian.org, http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/debburn and
debburn-devel lists alioth debian org, you can also find us online in
#debburn at irc.oftc.net. Ignore the deb in the name, thats just the
repository name. Our current name for the suite is cdrkit, and we are
renaming cdrecord to wodim (to avoid JS bashing we would do
[insertweirdthings] and do bad things to him).

We started with the last free version of the code, killed the
build-system which was CDDL there and added our own, based on cmake. We
also reorganized the filesystem layout a bit.

bye Joerg
"That's just f***ing great, now the bar for being a cool guy in free
software just got raised. It used to be you just had to write a million
lines of useful code. Now you've got to get a subpoena from SCO to be cool."

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