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Board meeting today

We're having a Board meeting today at 5:00 PM Eastern Time. I don't know that we'll take an entire hour, but we've blocked that much time off. Once again we'll be in #fedora-board giving some summaries of our phone call.

Things we'll be talking about today:

+ Jeremy and Jesse have had some great conversations with different engineering managers in the Westford office. I'll ask Jeremy to fill the Board in on that stuff, and we'll talk about what else needs to happen.

+ If Jesse is around and wants to jump on to talk about how things are going on the pungi/brew front, that would be great also.

+ Max will share some of his progress, and explain the things that he'll be focusing on for the next little while, which will be more internal-focused to Red Hat than external, at least for a bit.

+ Get an update about one of the topics that came out of the Fedora Summit, which is the LiveCD plans. We've been playing around with davidz's latest work, and it's good stuff. Jeremy and David have been talking, hopefully share with the Board some of that.

+ That's probably it. There's a varied list of action items that have accrued over the last couple of weeks. Max's plan is to knock some of that stuff out next week.

Max Spevack
+ http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/MaxSpevack
+ gpg key -- http://spevack.org/max.asc
+ fingerprint -- CD52 5E72 369B B00D 9E9A 773E 2FDB CB46 5A17 CF21

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