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Re: fun with naming

On Tue, 2006-12-05 at 08:57 -0500, Christopher Blizzard wrote:
> I really think you guys are over-thinking or over-rationalizing things. 

Ha!  And this from the guy who started it all.  I just dragged it into a
stand-alone thread. :)

>   Just plan Fedora seems fine to me.  People get it, it's not complex, 
> and people generally understand what Fedora is.  Of the problems that we 
> have, people not separating Fedora from the Project as a whole doesn't 
> seem to be one of them.

Just so we're clear, you think it is OK and/or preferable to call all
these things "Fedora":

* The group of packages that are the core set for the distribution
* The individual slices of those packages that fulfill certain purposes,
such as "server", "desktop", "audio workstation", "OS for OLPC", etc.
* Parts of the project that do not directly involve software packages
(art, marketing, ambassadors, etc.)
* The overall project that houses many, many things, including a Linux

As a reminder, the "fun with naming" that you started was about finding
a name to easily identify the core set of packages.  Even if this name
is not used much outside of the project, it might be nice to have a way
to refer to that.

"Put it into Fedora."
"Get it from Fedora."
"What is Fedora?"

It is the last question that worries me.  When the answer is different
depending on the audience and the context of the question, then we are
in the same Ambiguousland that we've been in all along.  Are we happy
being there?

- Karsten, a Fedoramorph
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