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Re: Meeting minutes of the FAD

Thomas Chung schrieb:
>> -------- Weitergeleitete Nachricht --------
>>> Von: Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info>
>>> An: Gerold Kassube <gerold lugd org>
>>> Kopie: Fedora-Ambassadors <fedora-ambassadors-list redhat com>,
>>> Discussions on expanding the Fedora user base
>>> <fedora-marketing-list redhat com>
>>> Betreff: Re: Meeting minutes of the FAD
>>> Datum: Sat, 09 Dec 2006 21:39:27 +0100
>>> ...
>>> "dying Fedora Weekly Reports" -- that would be sad, I liked the idea,
>>> the format and the content a lot, but I have no time to help there :-/ .
>>> Why can't we merge fedoranews.org and the weekly reports? That would be
>>> a step in the right direction. Sure, the stuff from fedoranews.org can
>>> write about nvidia, ati or 3rd party add-on repos. But most of the stuff
>>> that written there currently isn't like that and would be fine for
>>> fedoraproject.org afaics. fedoranews.org could continue with reporting
>>> the stuff that is forbidden for fedoraproject.org (as a add-on or
>>> something like that). And ahte weekly reports need to be annouced
>>> properly...
> What do you recommend?
> Shutdown Fedora Weekly Reports or Fedora Weekly News?
> Fedora Weekly Reports already have its own section in Fedora Weekly News.

Well, I'm not to involved in the whole Weekly{Reports,News} business to
much, but if you ask, here is a braindump:

- a weekly report really is a nice thing to have
- two is IMHO one to much for most people (one that enhances the first
one with the stuff the first one can't mention is something else; but
that would need a bit of coordination)
- I'd like to see the reports realized within the Fedora project as that
helps getting people involved
- most of the stuff from Fedora Weekly News can afaics be mentioned on
- the weekly reports as they looked like in the beginning helped a lot
to get a quick overview of what the other sub-project work on if you are
only active in parts of the project; the weekly news don't get that far
into the details
- the weekly reports lost momentum; maybe it's to late to re-activate
the idea; starting something new (with a new name?) might be better
- the weekly news get announced on fedora-annouce-list (good) and got
from there even to lwn.net and other websites (even better); the weekly
reports (nearly?) never got that much glory (bad)

So a merge of the two under a new name might be the best. I'm willing to
help getting it filled with informations from Extras-land for two or
even three months if I have to (I did the same for the Weekly Reports in
the beginning, but lost interest as the reports newer got properly
annouced while the weekly news got attention), but would like to hand
that job over to someone else after that...


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