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Fedora <insert favorite name here|null> 7 planing


in last weeks FESCo meeting the topic "FC7 schedule" came up. I did take
a look at some historical schedules and I got the impression that there
are normally four (sometimes five and seldom more) weeks between each
test release or between test3 and final.

That means: If we aim for a release in late March/early April(¹) we
would need to release the first beta in early January afaics -- at least
 if we want to continue as we did in the past. Well, that quite soon.
Shouldn't we start planing the first test-release slowly? And, btw, who
is actually going to drive this? The core cabal is in still in question
-- or do we plan to change that soon? Or do we want to set an interim
solution in place to slowly try the new Fedora-world-order a bit -- e.g.
a mix between core cabal and FESCo?


(¹) -- I think we should target early March, then we'll hit mid-April
probably ;-)

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