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Re: Fedora <insert favorite name here|null> 7 planing

On Mon, 11 Dec 2006, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:

in last weeks FESCo meeting the topic "FC7 schedule" came up. I did take a look at some historical schedules and I got the impression that there are normally four (sometimes five and seldom more) weeks between each test release or between test3 and final.

That means: If we aim for a release in late March/early April(¹) we would need to release the first beta in early January afaics -- at least if we want to continue as we did in the past. Well, that quite soon. Shouldn't we start planing the first test-release slowly? And, btw, who is actually going to drive this? The core cabal is in still in question -- or do we plan to change that soon? Or do we want to set an interim solution in place to slowly try the new Fedora-world-order a bit -- e.g. a mix between core cabal and FESCo?

CU thl

(¹) -- I think we should target early March, then we'll hit mid-April probably ;-)

We released Zod on October 24th.  6 months out from that is April 24th.

The Red Hat Summit for 2007 is on May 8th, and I think it is *critical* that we have Fedora 7 done in time for that, so that every person who shows up at the Summit gets a Fedora 7 DVD along with all of their other stuff, and so that we can make a HUGE DEAL out of everything we've accomplished in Fedora at the Summit.

So that means we need to be done with enough time to put a nice bow around Fedora and get the DVDs made before the Summit.

I like the idea of April 9th, April 16th at the absolute latest.

Given our tendency to slip our release dates, if those dates are *HARD* and that means we have to pick a date toward the end of March to guarantee we make the April one, that's fine.


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