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Re: Fedora <insert favorite name here|null> 7 planing

On Tuesday 12 December 2006 10:46, Will Woods wrote:
> If you have to cut a week from one cycle, I'd make it Test1. Test1 is
> the most likely to be broken in some unanticipated way, so it would be a
> good idea to plan for a (slightly) quicker followup release to that one.
> Also, I'd like to have a full 4 weeks after the No-Foolin'
> Seriously-Guys This-Is-It Feature Freeze (Test3) to make sure we've got
> the kinks worked out.
> Does that sound reasonable?

Seems reasonable.  I also want to do much more often mini-freeze releases, 
much like the FC6-Pre thing we did.  Perhaps torrent only, fully installable, 
perhaps even with a LiveCD.  I notice we get far more testing on the Test 
release rather than the daily rawhide stuff, so if we give people more 
chances for a consistant CD/DVD set to install from we might get more return 
on our fixes from the test releases.

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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