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Re: fedora 7 schedule (was Re: Fedora 7 planing)

On 12/12/06, Max Spevack <mspevack redhat com> wrote:
On Tue, 12 Dec 2006, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:

> January 02 is probably to hard to reach, so we should cut one cycle from
> four to three weeks. Which one? test3 maybe?

We talked about this in the Board meeting this morning.

Here was the proposal we came up with (modified for a Tuesday release, not
a Monday release), working backward:

RH Summit       May 9-11
Release         April 24 (exactly 6 months after FC6)
Gold            April 17
Test3           March 27
Test2           February 27
FudCon          February 9-11 (including hackfest)
Test1           January 30

Not a lot of slip time in there (at least, not with the RH Summit as a


[long-ish time reader, first-time poster... see bottom for list intro.]

Has Fedora, the community, actively post-mortemed past slips? If so,
what were the most likely causes of past slips, and what steps are you
taking to avoid them this time around?

If not, it seems like, given the particularly hard deadline for this
release, this is a good thing to talk about now, rather than later :)

For what it is worth, my sense as an outsider is that past releases
have lacked discipline about flagging and backing out problematic
features, and have failed to aggressively seek community quality
assurance early in the process, which has led to slips. But obviously
those are very much external impressions that should be taken with a
grain of salt, particularly given that my biases are very much in
favor of very early and aggressive QA.


Introduction bits, shamelessly plagiarized from my introduction to the
now-defunct fedora-advisors-list:

Dramatic Life Story:
Hi, I'm Luis Villa. Most of you may know me from such runaway
successes as 'Bugmaster[1]', 'Bugmaster II: Evolution', 'Bugmaster
III: GNOME 2.0', and perhaps from less noted work such as 'Bugmaster
IV', in which your hero had his ass handed to him by Novell Linux
Desktop. I had a permanent role in 'All My Monkeys[2]' as Louie, the
lovable but moronic  zookeeper, but left after the management decided
to take the show more upscale and downplay my character. I've also
played a recurring role in 'Days of Our GNOME Foundation Board[3]' as
Dr. Luis Villa, IV, muckraker and all-around scoundrel, but with a
heart of gold. My head^wsculpted likeness is in the GNOME Planet Walk
of Fame[4].

I spent a year as Sr. Geek in Residence at Harvard Law School's
Berkman Center for Internet and Society, and am now in my first year
as a law school at Columbia Law School, where I intend to study
intellectual property law and other areas of law related to online,
voluntary communities.

Dramatic (by which I meant two-timing) Technical Story:
While I am admittedly right ATM an Ubuntu user ;) I'm a fairly
long-time Red Hat user (from the Donnie Barnes Is Something Like A
Foreign Language release- 5.1? 5.0? up until a few days after Novell
bought SUSE.)

Dramatic (by which I mean boring) reason for being on this list:
Obviously I have a lot of community background, and I know a lot of
the Red Hat and Fedora team and am good friends with them. I'm
interested in helping advise Fedora not just because I want to help
them out, but also because I firmly believe that having successful
Linux distros that are truly community-centric is a must for the
continue health and success of Free Software.

[1] http://tieguy.org/talks/LCA-2005-paper-html/
[2] http:///www.ximian.com/
[2] http://mail.gnome.org/archives/foundation-announce/2004-December/msg00004.html
[3] http://planet.gnome.org/

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