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Re: fedora 7 schedule (was Re: Fedora 7 planing)

On Tue, Dec 12, 2006 at 05:47:47PM -0500, Luis Villa wrote:

 > Has Fedora, the community, actively post-mortemed past slips? If so,
 > what were the most likely causes of past slips, and what steps are you
 > taking to avoid them this time around?

I recall at least 2-3 issues last time around.

* Xen being horked and taking forever to get working.
  Not particularly easy to fix given we're at times dependant upon
  an unresponsive upstream.
* Trademark braindamage.
  Not much we can do here either, other than pick sane upstream sources.
* Discovery of late breaking nasty bugs (Like the ext3-went-boom bug)
  Whilst we'd all like it if this weren't to repeat itself ever again,
  it can't be ruled out. Sometimes things just fall out of testing late
  in the cycle, and right before release is when we really stress things
  as much as possible.

There were probably other slip reasons too, but they're the ones still
fresh in my mind.

Oh, and there was the 'not really test4, but sort of' release that
was needed because test3, well.. stunk.   There were a number of really
nasty bugs in that which meant it wouldn't even install for quite a
few people. How that one got out the building alive is anyones guess.
Our internal testing procedures have hopefully improved since then though,
and with the livecd on the horizon, we should see some of the
'it doesnt boot' bugs a lot sooner if we do daily spins of that iso
and push it out with the daily rawhide push.

 > Dramatic (by which I mean boring) reason for being on this list:
 > Obviously I have a lot of community background, and I know a lot of
 > the Red Hat and Fedora team and am good friends with them. I'm
 > interested in helping advise Fedora not just because I want to help
 > them out, but also because I firmly believe that having successful
 > Linux distros that are truly community-centric is a must for the
 > continue health and success of Free Software.

Good to have you around, we value your input :-)



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