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Re: fedora 7 schedule (was Re: Fedora 7 planing)

On 12.12.2006 23:37, Max Spevack wrote:
On Tue, 12 Dec 2006, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
January 02 is probably to hard to reach, so we should cut one cycle from four to three weeks. Which one? test3 maybe?
We talked about this in the Board meeting this morning.


Here was the proposal we came up with (modified for a Tuesday release, not a Monday release), working backward:

RH Summit	May 9-11
Release		April 24 (exactly 6 months after FC6)

BTW, that sounds as we stick to the 6 month release cycle again. I thought there was some consensus from the last discussion that a long term foreseeable release cycle (such as the one from Gnome) is a good thing and that we want to aim for Early/Mid April and Early/Mid October. The above now is nearly late April (without slipping).

So do people simply dislike the "long term foreseeable release cycle" or was it simply forgotten again? Or could the board simply discuss this once?

Gold		April 17
Test3		March 27
Test2		February 27
FudCon		February 9-11 (including hackfest)
Test1		January 30

Not a lot of slip time in there (at least, not with the RH Summit as a target).

Agreed, I would feel much more comfortable if we would have two weeks puffer.


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