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Xen delaying FC6 (Was: Re: fedora 7 schedule (was Re: Fedora 7 planing))

On 13.12.2006 00:02, Dave Jones wrote:
On Tue, Dec 12, 2006 at 05:47:47PM -0500, Luis Villa wrote:
 > Has Fedora, the community, actively post-mortemed past slips? If so,
 > what were the most likely causes of past slips, and what steps are you
 > taking to avoid them this time around?
I recall at least 2-3 issues last time around.
* Xen being horked and taking forever to get working.
  Not particularly easy to fix given we're at times dependant upon
  an unresponsive upstream. [...]

I feels your pain dave. But there seems to be some mis-function in the internal red hat workflow shortly before the FC6 release afaics when I look at a xen kernel bug that was part of the reasons for the last delay.

I'm talking about
(yes, I reported that)

The whole thing in detail:

- Release was planed for 19 Oct 2006 at that time
- On Oct 14 2006 (that's a Saturday) the Xen patchset in the kernel got a major update - It seems not even teh xen-maintainers tried if xen was still working after that update: The xen update required newer xen userland bits, too, but those were not pushed; that remained unnoticed until Oct 17 2006. See the bug for some details. It got and quickly fixed then, but this was one of the reasons why the release got delayed yet again
The whole issue looked extremely unprofessional to me as it happened quite shortly before the release. What do we do to prevent such damage in the future?


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