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Re: mailing-list reorganisation

Dennis Gilmore (dennis ausil us) said: 
>   fedora-advisory-board  
>   fedora-advisory-board-readonly
>   fedora-board-list
> Should we merge the board-list to fab list?


>   fedora-announce-list
>   Fedora-maintainers-announce 
>   Fedora-directory-announce 
>   Fedora-legacy-announce 
> Lets merge all the announge lists to one.  If need be people can filter

I have no idea what maintainers-announce is for, but it's unlikely
that it's the same purpose as fedora-announce.

>   fedora-devel-list 
>   fedora-devel-java-list 
>   Fedora-perl-devel-list 
>   Fedora-r-devel-list  
>   Fedora-directory-devel  
>   fedora-test-list 
>   fedora-extras-list 
>   Fedora-relnotes-content 
>   Fedora-packaging 
> merge all the devel lists into one

Why? Shouldn't separate SIGs, such as perl or java, have their own
list? Moreover, the directory server list is the *upstream* development
list - it shouldn't be merged.

>   fedora-cvs-commits 
>   fedora-extras-commits
>   Fedora-eclipse-commits
>   Fedora-directory-commits 
> lets merge all cvs commits to one list.  i can always filter ones i dont want 
> out.

Again, you want to separate upstream lists (directory) from Fedora

>   Fedora-trans-ar 
>   Fedora-trans-bn 
>   Fedora-trans-bn_in 
>   Fedora-trans-el 
>   Fedora-trans-hi 
>   Fedora-trans-ja 
>   Fedora-trans-list 
>   Fedora-i18n-list 
> Do we really need a translation list and a i18n list?

One is i18n, one is l10n.


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