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Re: mailing-list reorganisation

On 12/13/06, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
=== fedora-project-list ==

We until now have no real list where Ambassadors, packagers,
programmers, art-people and other contributors can talk to each other
about general stuff that's important to the project as a whole without
getting lost in the noise or scared away with "this is off topic on this
list" calls. fedora-advisory-board somehow is this list, but it's
moderated and thus even some project contributors that are not
subscribed feel excluded (bad).

Having a fedora-project-list is pretty a good idea. Bringing closer
Fedora contributors is always a good idea and something to promote.

Perhaps, in order not to disturb the contributing atmosphere, one
could sign CLA before subscribing to this list.


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