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Re: mailing-list reorganisation

Rahul Sundaram schrieb:
> Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
>> we discussed the "to many mailinglists" problem now and then in the
>> past. Most of us are annoyed by it, so here is a proposed cleanup. Comments?
>> == Remove ==
>> === fedora-packaging-list ===
>> Packaging is important to all package maintainers. Everyone should get
>> involved in the discussions and at least see the topics being discussed,
>> thus do it directly on fedora-maintainers. Use a special tag like
>> "[packaging]" to mark them if needed.
>> === fedora-buildsys-list ===
>> It's quite a quiet list -- maybe we should leave it open for now until
>> the plague/brew and VCS stuff is worked out, and then simply continue on
>> fedora-devel.
>> === fedora-extras-list ===
>> We should get rid of it when core merges with extras. Discuss the stuff
>> on fedora-devel in the future.
>> === fedora-test-list ===
>> A lot of people don't get the difference between fedora-devel and
>> fedora-test list. And testing is a crucial part of the devel process,
>> thus lets drop the test-list.
> We have plans to post automated test suite results to the fedora-test 
> list on a daily basis once it is setup. I am not sure whether the 
> traffic for a merged list would be in a approachable level.

Maybe automatic test could get still get send there if they are high
volume. If not send them to fedora-devel with a unique tag -- people can
route them to /dev/null if they want.

But let's get rid of the separation between devel and testing for the
other stuff as it complicates things to much and confuses things.


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