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Re: mailing-list reorganisation

Will Woods schrieb:
> On Wed, 2006-12-13 at 13:32 -0600, Dennis Gilmore wrote:
>>   fedora-devel-list 
>>   fedora-devel-java-list 
>>   Fedora-perl-devel-list 
>>   Fedora-r-devel-list  
>>   Fedora-directory-devel  
>>   fedora-test-list 
>>   fedora-extras-list 
>>   Fedora-relnotes-content 
>>   Fedora-packaging 
>> merge all the devel lists into one
> fedora-test-list isn't really a devel list, I think. Development and
> testing are heavily interrelated but they aren't the same.

Much agreed to "heavily interrelated".

>>   fedora-triage-list  * Perhaps this should be in devel
> fedora-triage-list could be folded into wherever Fedora QA discussions
> go. Currently that's fedora-test-list. 
> I feel like there should be at least one list exclusively for QA stuff -
> both for discussion, and for automated test reports / updates
> announcements / etc.

I'd suggest to simply rename fedora-triage-list to fedora-qa-list and
merge fedora-test into fedora-devel.


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