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Re: mailing-list reorganisation

Jesse Keating schrieb:
> On Wednesday 13 December 2006 15:07, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
>> Extras has some contributors that simply don't want to discuss stuff /
>> read fedora-maintainers. But they still want to and need to get the
>> results from discussions and decisions. Thus Fedora-maintainers-announce
>>  was created to send out this important informations to all the
>> maintainers -- e.g. planed mass rebuilds, policy changes and stuff like
>> that.
> Which I think is utterly silly 

"--verbose" please, because saying just "foo is utterly silly" is
utterly silly ;-)

I'm really interested in contributors that want to contribute even if
they don't want to read and participate in the latest
flamewar^wdiscussion between maintainers. We really need way to get
important informations to those (¹). I propose a mailinglist. Jesse,
what do you propose? I'm more than happy if you have a better solution.
But no solution is bad.

> and I am very against having Yet More Mailing 
> Lists, and more games with reply-to, more cross posting, etc...

I agree that this should be the target. But we always need to make
adjustments. And yes, we made errors in the past. But standing still is
not the answer. Learning from them and maybe trying something better is
the way forward. Sure, we'll do errors again. That's part of the game as
far as I see it.


(¹) -- there were even red hat employees that unsubscripted from
fedora-maintainers iirc

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