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Re: Fedora release lifecyle

Rahul Sundaram (sundaram fedoraproject org) said: 
> If we are not planning on having Fedora as a stable server, we should 
> not release a server variant. If we are going to do desktop and server 
> variants, we should put some incrementally more effort into actually 
> have something useful in each of these variants rather than just a 
> different bunch of packages and stop going back and forth on what we are 
> trying to do.

So, the only differentiation that's possible for a Server is the lifecycle?
I don't buy that.

How about 'starts services XYZ by default that don't start on the desktop'
(think: mdadm, etc.). 'Easily installs in a minimal fashion.' 'Doesn't
always boot in runlevel 3'.

If the only thing that our Fedora 'server' users want is for us to maintain
it longer, that means perhaps we're *already* hitting that market well
and don't need to make changes.


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