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Re: fedora 7 schedule (was Re: Fedora 7 planing)

On Wed, Dec 13, 2006 at 05:37:48PM -0500, Christopher Blizzard wrote:
 > >  > Perhaps I'm not seeing what is being proposed.  The xen kernel can't languish 
 > >  > because if we rebase the kernel, we may have to rebase userland beyond what 
 > >  > an old kernel can handle.  Boom there goes Xen.
 > > 
 > > Good point. I don't have an answer for this.
 > Once again, I think that's up to the Virt team inside of Red Hat to own. 
 >   And it's not like that's going to happen in a vacuum.  You're going to 
 > talk to the virt team before you rebase something, right?  This isn't 
 > supposed to be them following us without them knowing where we're going. 
 >   We're going to make this a conversation, right?

Of course. But that doesn't really change the situation any from what we 
have now if I'm going to be sitting on my hands waiting for them to get
their house in order before I can push out updates.



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