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fedora-maintainers-annouce (was: Re: mailing-list reorganisation)

On 13.12.2006 21:59, Jesse Keating wrote:
On Wednesday 13 December 2006 15:54, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
"--verbose" please, because saying just "foo is utterly silly" is
utterly silly ;-)
I'm really interested in contributors that want to contribute even if
they don't want to read and participate in the latest
flamewar^wdiscussion between maintainers. We really need way to get
important informations to those (ยน). I propose a mailinglist. Jesse,
what do you propose? I'm more than happy if you have a better solution.
But no solution is bad.
Enforce ontopic-ness of maintainers-list.

That would certainly help to get the mailing list to work better. But that does not change the problem at hand.

Don't fragment it even more.   If
you're a maintainer, you're signing up to pay attention to some of this stuff, so pay attention.

No. No. No. I know that Extras has contributors that *only want the results*, not the discussions (seems I have to repeat myself here). There are for Example some upstream maintainers (I'd like to have more of them!) involved as {co-,}maintainers in Extras. They get a lot of mails already and they will get annoyed if we force yet another 50 mails/month on them that they are not interested in. So we need a different solution to get the important informations to them (less then 5 mails/month). I still fail to see an alternative to fedora-maintainers-annouce. Jesse, do you have one for those people? Or don't you want upstream maintainers more involved?


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