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Re: fedora-maintainers-annouce

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Thursday 14 December 2006 00:59, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
No. No. No. I know that Extras has contributors that *only want the
results*, not the discussions (seems I have to repeat myself here).
There are for Example some upstream maintainers (I'd like to have more
of them!) involved as {co-,}maintainers in Extras. They get a lot of
mails already and they will get annoyed if we force yet another 50
mails/month on them that they are not interested in. So we need a
different solution to get the important informations to them (less then
5 mails/month). I still fail to see an alternative to
fedora-maintainers-annouce. Jesse, do you have one for those people? Or
don't you want upstream maintainers more involved?

I don't feel that it is healthy to grow a community of packagers that don't get involved in these discussions. At times we need to get the input/discussion from ALL the packagers/maintainers involved, and we just can't do that if we have a bunch that just don't care.

You have the freedom to disagree. However, FESCo decided that they would do this for Extras owners.

This is not the first case where one of my ideas for a list was resisted with "we don't need more lists". Past examples like fedora-perl-devel-list have proven to be beneficial.

fedora-maintainers-announce is a narrowly defined list for a specific rare task. I strongly believe it be helpful for this narrow purpose, and it should be given a chance to prove itself.

The list has already been created for weeks now. Just I haven't had time to launch it. FESCo made this decision, and FESCo is going ahead with it, for the project under FESCo's jurisdiction.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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