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Re: Fedora backing the LPI events in South Africa

Chitlesh GOORAH wrote:
On 12/19/06, Thomas Chung wrote:

Recently I read an article on one of South Africa's leading OSS websites
(www.tectonic.co.za) related to the The Shuttleworth Foundation and how
from February 2007 they will stop being the South African affiliate of
the Linux Professional Institute (LPI).

Surely taking over would be a great marketing strategy for fedora, but
however in terms of money, Max ?

Why do you think that it would be good marketing? Fedora doesnt offer any certification programs. Combine that with the fast pace of Fedora releases and new LPI policy (see http://linuxboxadmin.com/articles/lpi-policy.php for some details), I would be wary of investing in this without evaluating the benefits if any.

In other hand RH can sponsor Fedora to ? - since RH already gives
certifications and that would also market their certifications.

While Novell and recently Ubuntu has gone in with a LPI+ additional module strategy of certification which is based on traditional QA style exams, RHCE is a practical lab based one. Having different approaches here between Fedora and RHEL isnt appealing.


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