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Re: 5k packages?

Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
Personally I think it would be a very bogus stat as one thing I have
heard over and over again is that Fedora Extras is not to be a dumping
ground. Quality is always important over quantity, and the people who
make the biggest case for this have been burned in the past by other
Cookers/Extras/etc. However, these are subjective like what is a good
wine and hard to graph without making it a "My Flag is bigger than
yours.." vs "Oh well my Flag has better values than yours" type

I don't think there's a dichotomy here. It does measure at least one thing: a growing community of contributors. Regarding your assertion of quality, to quote someone else "it's true: the long tail is full of crap" but your crap might be someone else's useful tool. In this case, breadth is more important than depth. If we were worried about depth, we would try to be the upstream for everything and that's not our stated or intended goal.

The items I have heard over and over for Extras is that People who
package up something should not just be someone who knows how to do
some tar commands, but should be taking responsibility for the care
and maintenance of the package. They should know the code well enough
to be able to patch it or at least get a working patch from the
maintainer on a problem.

People have different skill sets. That's true and we're not going to find a someone like Dave Jones is to the kernel for any particular package. If something is critical, we staff for it. If someone out there in the community is passionate about something or wants to own it and can measure up to our base packaging and maintenance guidelines, we let them get in the driver's seat. This is about community building and building our breadth, not being perfect every single time.


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