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Re: F7 Plan (draft)

Bill Nottingham wrote:
3. Use Pungi for tree building
Accountable: Jesse Keating

Must be nearly fully functional by Test 2, as it is a prereq of later

Does this include being able to replace pilgrim for what we're using for OLPC today? No is a fine answer, but I'm just trying to plan.

4. A Fedora Desktop spin of F7
Accountable: Jesse Keating (rel-eng), Jonathan Blandford, the Fedora
  Desktop SIG (what, you say there isn't one?)

Are we keeping track of informed, responsible and consulted as well? :D I can probably throw my hat into consulted and possibly responsible, depending on what needs to happen.

8. Rock Solid Wireless
Accountable: Dan Williams, Dave Jones

For every wireless card we support, we should have working, tested
support - it comes up on boot, it associates, it works with WEP and
WPA, all out of the box. A requisite for hitting the laptop market.
Drive fixes through NM, wpa_supplicant, kernel.

I can't give up Dan for this, I'm sorry. Unless he does it under the radar, which is likely given the way that Dan works...

9. Wireless Firmware
Accountable: Fedora-legal, me!

For every wireless card we support and can get firmware to, we should
work to make it included so things work out of the box.

Technical note: I have the ipw3945 working with suspend on this laptop with a bunch of pm shell hacks which I should post somewhere.

10. Boot and shutdown speedup
Accountable: me!, David Zeuthen, YOUR NAME HERE

We do enough Stupid Stuff that we can make easy improvements to startup
and shutdown time without large systemic changes. Includes: tagging of
scripts that don't need shut down, profiling of boot, potential changes
to how we organize disk blocks, and more.

I am accountable as well - we need this for OLPC really bad and I will contribute where I can. We're also building a bunch of automated timing and performance tests for OLPC that I'm sure we can apply to Fedora as a whole. I will try to collect these tools from the wonderful and cheerful Chris Ball and try and get us using them as well.

Does this include David's new service activation code or not? I'm hot for that for OLPC and I want to figure out what it's going to take to get that merged upstream so we can start using it. It gets rid of a huge amount of what we have to do for 11 (init system changes.)

Does Not Include: init system changes

11. Init system work
Accountable: YOUR NAME HERE

Evaluate: upstart, launchd, initng. Compare, contrast, benchmark. Define
usage cases, see what fits what, and what is useful. Lots of research.
Not much code.

For OLPC I'm going to try to get rid of as much of init as I can. I'm serious about a 30 second startup in the next couple of months and will hack where I need to.

15. RandR 1.2
Accountable: Adam Jackson

RandR 1.2 is the new black. Even if you don't know you want it, you
want it. Potential exists for a backport to the code we will be using,
but there are no guarantees.

Needed for OLPC so it will land pretty early I suspect.

21. Real-time kernel
Accountable: Ingo Molnar, Dave Jones

Because fake-time kernels are so last year

Would love to have for OLPC. We're already hitting apps that can't keep up without some real time support.

22. Tickless kernel support
Accountable: Ingo Molnar, Dave Jones

Required for OLPC. We're going to have to take some form of this. Add me to the list.

Saving power is good, mmkay?

23. Fix wakeups across the distribution
Accountable: me, EVERYONE

Same here.


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