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Re: F7 Plan (draft)

Jesse Keating wrote:

Are all these variants single CD's each?

Very difficult to do with the Desktop CDs, given that openoffice.org + translations is larger than a CD itself. For server, sure it would be nice to fit on a single CD.

I think it is feasible to have both the GNOME and KDE variants fit into single CD's even with openoffice.org. There are even several Fedora based ones at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DerivedDistributions/

Somebody could do that. Given everything else that's on my plate, I'd rather not.

That would be useful for many places whether bandwidth or network access is constrained.

Burn a DVD set of the tree itself, ship it somewhere to "seed" the mirror, go from there.

I suspect it is far more easier to having it part of the formal releases . It is just a dump of all packages. Since we are going to move away from a rolling release model even for the current Fedora Extras, this shouldnt require much more additional work.

Alternative kernels == doom. Its going to be bad enough if we have to do a standalone xen kernel that moves at a different pace than the other kernels. kmods blow up. Userland changes become harder to make. Security flaws...

We do already have alternative kernels like the one for Xen. Real time is just going to another one on top.


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