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Re: F7 Plan (draft)

Christopher Blizzard (blizzard redhat com) said: 
> Does this include being able to replace pilgrim for what we're using for 
> OLPC today?  No is a fine answer, but I'm just trying to plan.

Not sure. Jesse?

> >4. A Fedora Desktop spin of F7
> >Accountable: Jesse Keating (rel-eng), Jonathan Blandford, the Fedora
> >  Desktop SIG (what, you say there isn't one?)
> Are we keeping track of informed, responsible and consulted as well?  :D 
>  I can probably throw my hat into consulted and possibly responsible, 
> depending on what needs to happen.

Not particularly. Accountable decides Responsible (and in many cases
may be the same), informed and consulted are 'use your judgement, don't
be silly.'

That being said, I am trolling for people who want to be involved in
determining what goes in a Desktop or Server spin. Initially, might
just consist of a package set and a service profile. 

> >8. Rock Solid Wireless
> >Accountable: Dan Williams, Dave Jones
> >
> >For every wireless card we support, we should have working, tested
> >support - it comes up on boot, it associates, it works with WEP and
> >WPA, all out of the box. A requisite for hitting the laptop market.
> >Drive fixes through NM, wpa_supplicant, kernel.
> I can't give up Dan for this, I'm sorry.  Unless he does it under the 
> radar, which is likely given the way that Dan works...

Boo. OK, need to find someone with deep wpa_supplicant and NM juju.

> Does this include David's new service activation code or not?  I'm hot 
> for that for OLPC and I want to figure out what it's going to take to 
> get that merged upstream so we can start using it.  It gets rid of a 
> huge amount of what we have to do for 11 (init system changes.)

Maybe. I see it having an issue in that you're going to end up with
each daemon having multiple start paths (service activation for
desktop things like 'print this job', and 'share these files', and
'normal' startup for 'run this webserver' and 'run this print
server'). Moreover, we run into the problem of breaking anyone
trying to run 'upstream' cups or whatever if we don't do this

> >11. Init system work
> >Accountable: YOUR NAME HERE
> >
> >Evaluate: upstart, launchd, initng. Compare, contrast, benchmark. Define
> >usage cases, see what fits what, and what is useful. Lots of research.
> >Not much code.
> For OLPC I'm going to try to get rid of as much of init as I can.  I'm 
> serious about a 30 second startup in the next couple of months and will 
> hack where I need to.

Right. For general purpose, I suspect we're going to need to go to
something else eventually, but I'd like a non-biased review of
what's out there now, and I know I don't have the time to do it.


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