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Re: F7 Plan (draft)

On Wed, 2006-12-20 at 11:32 -0500, Tim Burke wrote:
> What about laptop suspend/resume.  I thought that was a never-ending
> saga.

It's been working nicely on my Apple PowerBook for a long time :)

> Ditto for ipv6.  I thought there was an initial flare-up of activity 
> late in FC6 which didn't come to fruition because it was too late. 

I'm not sure how you define 'come to fruition' in this context. IPv6 has
been working nicely in almost all the important cases (apache, exim,
ftpd, imap, ssh, anything core like that) for years. The only notable
exception is Squid.¹ 

We had a flurry of activity recently where we filed bugs for all the
_trivial_ things like the fact that our talk client and server aren't
IPv6-enabled, that the esoteric option for hcidump to spew the packets
it receives over the network (and receive them from the network) wasn't
IPv6-capable, etc. A whole bunch of those got fixed; some aren't yet

I suppose that you could say it "didn't come to fruition" because the
job isn't entirely done -- there is still at least one trivial bug in
some esoteric program which only supports IPv4 and not IPv6. (In fact
there's more than one). But that turn of phrase seems a little

It is a good idea to have someone 'own' the overall IPv6 support in the
distribution though -- I nominate Peter. :)


¹ Well, postfix has been known to do random stupid things when presented
with a domain with IPv6-only primary MX, but in my experience postfix
tends to do random stupid things anyway so I don't count that :)

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