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mailing-list reorganisation, round 2

Hi All,

second round in the process to solve the "we have to many mailinglists"
problem (first round starts at
; diff against first proposal:
). Comments? If I some "yeah, I tend to like it" I'll post it to the
relevant mailing lists asking people to comment before we realize it.

== Remove ==

=== fedora-packaging-list ===

Packaging is important to all package maintainers. Everyone should get
involved and see the discussions and at least see the topics being
discussed, thus do it directly on fedora-maintainers. Use a special tag
like "[packaging]" to mark them if there really is a need to differentiate.

=== fedora-buildsys-list ===

It's quite a quiet list -- maybe we should leave it open for now until
the plague/brew stuff is worked out, and then simply continue on
fedora-devel, fedora-maintainers or fedora-infrastructure

=== fedora-extras-list ===

Well, it seems the "Core packages gets merged into the Extras framework"
is nearly official. Discuss the stuff that was on fedora-extras-list
until now on fedora-devel in the future.

=== fedora-test-list ===

A lot of people don't get the difference between fedora-devel and
fedora-test list. And testing is a crucial part of the devel process,
thus lets drop the test-list.

== Rename ==

=== fedora-qa-list ==

Rename fedora-triage-list to fedora-qa-list and use it for wwoods
efforts and his recruits.

== New ==

=== fedora-project-list ==

We until now have no real list where Ambassadors, packagers,
programmers, art-people and other contributors can talk to each other
about general stuff that's important to the project as a whole without
getting lost in the noise or scared away with "this is off topic on this
list" calls. fedora-advisory-board somehow is this list, but it's
moderated and thus even some project contributors that are not
subscribed feel excluded (bad).

/!\ Note: I'm not sure is this really is a good idea, but I more and
more think we need a list where we can discuss the project as a whole
especially with people that are not yet contributors

== Not sure ==

There are some list where I'm not sure if they are still useful:
fedora-desktop-list, fedora-games-list, several of the fedora-devel-foo

= EOF=

Just my 2 cent, but we really should discuss how to proceed with the
mailing lists in the merged Fedora world sooner or later.


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