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Re: F7 Plan (draft)

On Wed, Dec 20, 2006 at 03:48:29PM -0500, Jeremy Katz wrote:
 > On Wed, 2006-12-20 at 15:37 -0500, Jesse Keating wrote:
 > > On Wednesday 20 December 2006 15:22, Bill Nottingham wrote:
 > > > They're headcount. They're made to care. :P
 > > 
 > > So then why is Xen completely and utterly broken on rawhide, with no hope on 
 > > the horizon?
 > To be fair, this isn't because it's not being worked on -- it's just
 > that it's a huge chunk of work to get it back to working.  But Juan is
 > continuing to move forward and make progress

However, we've now got a situation brewing for updates.
FC6 is now bottlenecking on Xen for 2.6.19[*].
By the time that gets done, 2.6.20 will be released, and the
cycle repeats.

We've lost our ability to track upstream quickly for updates.


[*] Yes, there's other stuff that still needs fixing for FC6 anyway,
but that's small potatoes in comparison.


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