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What do we want to archive with Fedora?


the current "alternate kernels"(¹) and the "never ending story: we don't want kmods in Fedora" discussions slightly annoy me a bit and makes me wondering: "What do we want to archive with Fedora"?

Or, to be more precise: "What's more important, giving the users what they want, giving them what we think is right for them or what we think is political the correctest?"

Sure, the answer is "something in between". But where exactly? I fully understand why kernel-developers like dwmw2 and davej don't want kmods or alternative kernels (BTW, those two are doing a great job for Fedora and upstream; thx guys!).

But it's something some people want/think they need(²). Heck, those people are probably even willing to put work into it to get it into Fedora(³) -- so do we really want to forbid it? I might be wrong, but I don't think that's the way to get the community involved properly.


(¹) -- just in case anybody is wondering: no, I do not want different kernel for our desktop and server spins, too. That makes no sense afaics.

(²) -- and understandable desire giving the fact that there are a lot of kernel-drivers out there that are not upstream (talking only about open-source drivers here, I don't want the proprietary crap in Fedora, too). Sure that sucks, and it would be best if all those modules would go directly upstream, but is it our task to enforce it? Sure, we should encourage it, but do we have to produce a worse product due to the missing not-yet-upstream stuff just to put load on the driver authors to make them send there modules upstream? If the answer is yes: why don't we obey our own rules and have tux in our kernels for ages? It will never go upstream afaics.

(³) -- no, those kernels and kmods should IMHO never be that import to get part of our main products (e.g. what's know as Fedora Core now and what will be "Fedora Server", "Fedora Desktop Gnome", "Fedora Desktop KDE" and "Fedora Directors Cut, Extra long" in the future). They should remain add ons mostly supported by the community-members that wants them. Well, maybe some might get included in special Editions like "Fedora Soundstudio" that might want to use a RT-Kernel or "Fedora FSF GNU/Linux" with a kernel that has all the firmware parts removed.

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