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Re: What do we want to archive with Fedora?

Jason L Tibbitts III schrieb:
>>>>>> "RS" == Rahul Sundaram <sundaram fedoraproject org> writes:
> RS> Control. If random packages start adding repositories on their
> RS> own, we wouldnt be able to do control their outcome.
> Has anyone proposed or advocated "random packages" adding
> repositories?
> It's just incredibly difficult to have any reasonable discussion with
> someone who extracts one sentence from a carefully-written message,
> infers some meaning that was not in the original, and then uses that
> as a counter-argument to the entire subject under discussion.
> But I suppose it's worked, because I give up.

I more and more get the feeling that this mailing list sometimes does
not work really well(¹). Seems especially community members seem to get
frustrated by the discussions here afaics and thus don't participate
anymore (²).

Maybe it's in parts the usual "discussions on mailing lists don't work
to well" problem, but it seems it's way more problematic on this list --
this sub-thread is a good example. Tibbs description above matches it
quite well. I'd even take it one step further: "It's just incredibly
difficult to have any reasonable discussion on FAB if people extract
some parts (that are often not that important details or only slightly
related to the whole thing) from a carefully-written message, forcing
the initial poster into a endless discussions around it, while the
initial topic and the problem that lies behind it gets forgotten or
ignored totally."

We need to change something. But I don't know exactly what to change.


(¹) -- okay, yes, sometimes it works and is productive, but often it
feels like wasted time

(²) -- leaving the problem aside that certain important community
contributors think they cannot even post to the list because they were
not invited; I thus dislike the FAB-list more and more and think we
should have 95% of the discussions we had here in the past on a open
fedora-project-list in the future where everyone gets allowed to
subscribe and post. If that becomes a problem over time due to to much
noise let only contributors (cla_done) subscribe there and create a
fedora-project-list-readonly for the rest of the world; members of the
latter should still be able to post to the mailinglist if a moderator
acks their post.

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