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Re: What do we want to archive with Fedora?

Max Spevack schrieb:
> On Tue, 26 Dec 2006, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
>> leaving the problem aside that certain important community contributors 
>> think they cannot even post to the list because they were not invited; I 
>> thus dislike the FAB-list more and more and think we should have 95% of 
>> the discussions we had here in the past on a open fedora-project-list in 
>> the future where everyone gets allowed to subscribe and post. If that 
>> becomes a problem over time due to to much noise let only contributors 
>> (cla_done) subscribe there and create a fedora-project-list-readonly for 
>> the rest of the world; members of the latter should still be able to 
>> post to the mailinglist if a moderator acks their post.
> [...]
> I have no problem with:
> 1) changing FAB to open subscription with confirmation
> 2) putting the current "read only" folks onto the full list, since (1) 
> obviates the need for f-a-b-readonly
> 3) re-messaging the purpose of FAB, and also the new subscription policy
> The people who are most active on the list will still be, and it will 
> likely get some other good people talking.

Well, in that case I think then we should rename fab to
"fedora-project-list" to make it really obvious "this is the list where
the project in general and its goals are being discussed".

Alternative would be to create the fedora-project-list and discuss 90%
of the things we discussed here until now on that list in the future.
Then we could still use FAB for what it was planed for when it got
created: discussions between the Fedora Project Boards and the leaders
or important contributors from Extras, Ambassadors, Infrastructure...
The question is: do we really need such a list?

Happy new year everyone.


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