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Re: [fab] A real communication problem

On Jul 10, 2006, at 15:59, Paul W. Frields wrote:

2.  Translation/Infrastructure in Red Hat was supposed to provide a
gateway or integration with the translation system (i18n.redhat.com) for docs stuff. This would ease the burden on our community translators to learn different systems, which is a real PITA for those who are already
giving so much of their time.  Again, no word.

So the hope as far as i18n.redhat.com goes (and I call it a hope because I dare not call it a plan) is to move those pieces of infrastructure over to the Fedora infrastructure. (There are also general CVS modules on the box that need to be moved over...)

Unfortunately, it's just having a really hard time getting action from the right people internally. I can help with some of it, but I do not understand exactly how the site works and what pieces need to be moved over. Integrating those pieces with the account system is one big task remaining to be done.

I suppose once it is moved over, this gatewaying/integration might be easier. If you were to create, say, http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/ Infrastructure/Translation, and put on it your precise definition of "gateway or integration", and an explanation of what apps are actually running on i18n.redhat.com at present, I think that'd go a long way to nudging things another step forward :)

-- Elliot

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