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Re: [fab] Legal contact policy and incentives for contributors

On Thu, 13 Jul 2006, Rahul wrote:

So would you prefer any legal issues including license approval for packages in Fedora Extras send to this list or to you directly.

I would like to see the individual legal issues handled on this list as much as possible -- Mark Webbink is on the list, and unless there's specific legal reasons why the issues need to be discussed off-list and reported back, I'd prefer to have those questions answered here, if Mark is ok with that.

It doesn't mean we won't take things off email when necessary (and I'll be the point man for that), but I don't think we need to have a legal "gateway" when one isn't always necessary. Push the ability to get things done to the edges, meaning the people on this list.

Mark, what do you think? How about if we started threads that had legal issues in them with "LEGAL: " in the subject line, and you could either comment on the list, or indicate that it's a sensitive enough topic that we should talk about it off of email.


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