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Re: [fab] fc6 -- new, removed packages

Max Spevack wrote:
So, the test2 freeze is coming up in a couple of days, and I'm wondering if we can talk about a few different things regarding the package manifest for fc6.

For users, developers, media, etc. I think it would be really useful to produce a couple of pieces of information somewhere on the wiki (if they're not already there):

1) New packages in fc6 that were not in fc5
2) Removed packages that were in fc5 but are not in fc6

This will be part of the release notes just like in FC5


On that second point, when was the last time that we did a review of packages that could be a candidate for removal? We've had several suggestions in different lists about trimming down the size of Core.

A few recent discussions


Can we talk about this and act (if that's the decision) prior to fc6?

We basically need a decision on KDE (http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/UnleashKDE) which in turn depends on Anaconda support for Fedora Extras and availability of Fedora Extras repository in media.

The larger question is what the focus of Fedora Core should be. Since Red Hat can use packages from Fedora Extras, whatever fits into RHEL isnt the decisive factor for Fedora Core anymore. Trimming down Fedora Core also makes it easier for the community to contribute better.

Hopefully we can discuss on this list today, and have a decision by the end of tomorrow's Board meeting.

I'll be putting together an agenda for that today -- any suggestions to get it starting, post it to a thread called "Agenda 2006-07-18" or something and we'll work from there.


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