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Re: [fab] Re: [Famsco-list] Fedora Core 5 Re-Spin Plus! (fwd)

On Mon, 17 Jul 2006, Patrick W. Barnes wrote:

The legal issues that my 5-minute review has found include:

For the Fedora Project
* Inclusion of third-party materials on installation media, with that media
carrying the "Fedora" trademark.  A violation of the trademark guidelines.
* Inclusion of content from our wiki on the website.  The content is covered
by the OPL, which requires basic attribution for derivatives.  That
attribution is missing, leaving the site in violation of the OPL.
* No clear offer for source code is provided for any part of the software.
Unmodified bits might be provided by the Fedora Project, but source for the
modifications, some of which (like the installer modifications) must be GPL,
is not provided or offered.  This is a violation of the GPL.

For Fedora Unity:
* Massive parts of the Fedora Unity site have been copied.  The Fedora Unity
content is licensed under the OPL.  Again, no attribution is given.  This is
a second count of OPL violations.

I might find more on a longer review.  These are all things that must be
corrected.  I'll look deeper when I have more time.

Yeah, this whole website is a giant mess of issues. Not good. Especially the GPL violation.


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