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[fab] board meeting, revised agenda

Revised agenda, having finally made it all the way through my backlog of f-a-b emails:

Here's today's topics in the order that they will be discussed, anything there's no time for will be finished on-list:

- proper closure on the RPM discussion
	- clarificaion of fc6 decision
	- the "future" decision, also with clarification

- take action on removing the "black hole" that is Fedora Core decision making, getting transparency here

- directly following that, can we trim down core for fc6 at all?

- two filesystems threads, let's close those off also, and publicize what is decided

Things I don't think we need to talk about:

- Logo.  The talk has happened.  Action is needed.
- Plone.  Patrick filled us in on-list.
- FUDCon.  I will send an email to the list.

Max Spevack
+ http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/MaxSpevack
+ gpg key -- http://spevack.org/max.asc
+ fingerprint -- CD52 5E72 369B B00D 9E9A 773E 2FDB CB46 5A17 CF21

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