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Re: [fab] trimming Core, some (more) kde bits

Bill Nottingham wrote:
Jesse Keating (jkeating redhat com) said:
On Tuesday 25 July 2006 18:43, Rex Dieter wrote:

I already have most of these already up for review (presumably for
fc7/UnleashKDE purposes), so these could get moved to Extras relatively
How quickly?  By Test2 release?

Well, you'd want it done by Test2 final-compose date.

Outside of that, what *specifically* are we trying to accomplish? General
shrinkage (in which case I can come up with a boatload more stuff). Specific
removal of KDE (in which case, why not all of it?)

General shrinkage? Yes, I thought that was the point of the topic being raised in the last board meeting.

Specific removal of KDE? IMO, yes, as much as possible, but I think we can all agree any attempt to remove all of it this late in the fc6 cycle isn't reasonably possible.

-- Rex

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