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Re: [fab] trimming Core, some (more) kde bits

Rex Dieter (rdieter math unl edu) said: 
> Bill Nottingham wrote:
> >Jesse Keating (jkeating redhat com) said: 
> >>On Tuesday 25 July 2006 18:43, Rex Dieter wrote:
> >>>I already have most of these already up for review (presumably for
> >>>fc7/UnleashKDE purposes), so these could get moved to Extras relatively
> >>>quickly.
> >>How quickly?  By Test2 release?
> >
> >Well, you'd want it done by Test2 final-compose date.
> >
> >Outside of that, what *specifically* are we trying to accomplish? General
> >shrinkage (in which case I can come up with a boatload more stuff). 
> >Specific
> >removal of KDE (in which case, why not all of it?)
> General shrinkage?  Yes, I thought that was the point of the topic being 
> raised in the last board meeting.

Yes, but if that's the goal, I'd prefer it to be looked at outside of just
KDE (fer example, the gnucash stack could move to Extras if we wanted to,
along with all the random stuff that's not in comps and not required by

> Specific removal of KDE?  IMO, yes, as much as possible, but I think we 
> can all agree any attempt to remove all of it this late in the fc6 cycle 
> isn't reasonably possible.

The problem is, we're already essentially frozen for test2, and we've
already rejected changes (outside of this) that would involve large
package upheaval in Core. I'm concerned that it's too late for this
now, and if we're moving as planned for FC7, it will all be solved
then anyway.


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