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Re: [fab] Building communities.... what *are* we doing?

On Jun 17, 2006, at 01:39, Bill Nottingham wrote:

Warning: rambling.

No kidding ;-)

I think we just have to realize that each of our capabilities for comprehending this community and project are limited. Even

We do need to make an effort to expand our view of the Fedora universe, but in some ways a measure of our success will be to see Fedora projects going on that we know nothing about. So I bear no guilt for not knowing what is going on with Fedora Legacy at this point. We have to delegate in order to be successful.

If you go to see 'How to become an Extras contributor', you find an 18-step process. Apparently it's 50% more complicated than controlling addictions.

Included in this process are:
- 7 *other* documents that are described as should-read,
- 2 other things that are listed as useful to review
- 2 accounts that are required to be created
- One account that's required that isn't listed at all (wiki account)
- 3 mailing lists that are required
- 1 mailing list that's listed as optional

This part bugs me to no end. I think part of the problem is the sometimes-expressed attitude that people need to "earn" the ability to contribute, as if contributing was a prestigious and exclusive action. That's part of the culture that needs to die. We can have quality packages without being total snobs. :)

There is an Extras package database project that keeps getting talked about, and the account system needs rewriting as well. Done right, those projects should simplify things a lot. I'm hoping to find someone to take the package DB side of things on...

-- Elliot

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