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Re: [fab] FSF Requirements for srpm provisions

Bill Nottingham wrote:

I'd prefer they have their own SRPMS, especially if they had to pull
anything from -devel (which will get obsoleted from the download
site soon.)

Now, if they just want one big source ISO, that's fine.

Similarly, something like Unity will probably want a source mirror b/c
of obsoleted updates.


We will do as suggested. Disk space does become an issue for smaller projects like Unity though. Can we simply archive the SRPMS for "updates only", as those are the only ones that change or become obsolete in the fedora tree, then just point the "GOLD" items to the core SRPMs tree? Or should we build the SRPM tree of what we have on the re-spins?

The question comes up that, seeing as we do not rebuild any of the binaries, we only group them into a final package set, do we still need the source at all?

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