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Re: [fab] looking at our current state a bit

On Fri, 03 Nov 2006 12:07:44 +0100, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:

>  * FE6 seems to be okay as well (Extras didn't manage to push a proper
> comps.xml in time -- shame on us)

JFYI: An updated comps.xml is in place since the day before yesterday
(this is too late for the FC6 roll-out, but read on below), and I might
help with updating it in an automated way, too.

Once more this shows that communication is far worse than it could be.

The comps.xml files in the repository have _not_ been updated since April
17th. That makes me wonder why contributors have been asked to add new
entries in CVS and why a "comps SIG" has been created? There also doesn't
seem to be any public communication about what the 2-3 people, who have
"comps.xml automation" assigned to themselves, are working on or what they
have discussed before. That is a "behind closed doors" development model,
where any contributions from outside bear the risk of being wasted time
(because of redundancy, reinventing the wheel or because of going into a
different direction).

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