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comps.xml (Re: [fab] looking at our current state a bit)

On Fri, 3 Nov 2006 08:17:22 -0600, Dennis Gilmore wrote:

> As one of the people that it is assigned to.  All communication has taken 
> place in public.  it has all taken place on irc in #fedora-admin and 
> #fedora-extras Perhaps  thats a communications method  that does not work for 
> you.  but that has been where it has been happening.  

Are logs of the relevant bits available? So, public, but not really open.

> Currently the goal is to add to the push scripts  so that the first step is to 
> checkout the cvs tree check if comps.xml.in is updated.  if so run make comps  
> check the return status  if make was ok put new comps in place and do rest of 
> the push. if  make comps fail  a flag will be set and the push will proceed 
> with the old comps.xml file.

Running "make comps" within the CVS check-out would make the push process
vulnerable to real-time modifications from the outside, because the
Makefile is not protected in any special ways. That would be an
unnecessary security risk.

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