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Re: [fab] looking at our surrent state a bit

Seems we talked at cross purposes a bit.

Jesse Keating schrieb:
> On Friday 03 November 2006 10:47, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
>> I'm not saying we need FF 2 as a official update now. Get it out in one
>> or two months when most extensions are fixed. Or put it in a special
>> repo (as aiglx in FC5) and maintain it there for those interested.
> So first you're complaining that FF2 wasn't made available for FC6,
> and now you're saying it shouldn't be,

I said it doesn't match "Fedora is about the rapid progress of Free and
Open Source software and content." if Ubtuntu can ship with it two days

Further: I think it is okay that it was not shipped. But we should
explain the reasons to our users and give them a outlook like "We'll
probably ship it as a update"

> only when its ready, and that it should be 
> made available in a special repo for those to test.


> I seem to remember Chris Aillon posting up FF2 rpms for FC6 systems

They are tagged with "fc7". Most users will fear that.

> a while 
> ago, and got all of some 50~ downloaders.  He still feels its not ready for 
> FC6, but it is in rawhide.  How is this NOT what you wanted to see?

I would like to see FF at a place like
(not "only" on people") and with a repo file that people can easily


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