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Re: comps.xml (Re: [fab] looking at our current state a bit)

On Fri, 03 Nov 2006 20:46:34 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:

> > MS> Are logs of the relevant bits available? So, public, but not
> > MS> really open.
> > 
> > Man, that's petty.

Nah, it's not.

Sometimes--as in this case--it really makes sense to admit that
communication could have been much better.

Or do you appreciate quotes like this?

 | (Extras didn't manage to push a proper
 | comps.xml in time -- shame on us)

Not even a manual update, and that is really a surprise. The first step
would have been to talk about any roadblocks _prior_ to FC6.

> Not really. He has a point. If Fedora Infrastructure team has been 
> having regular meetings, then posting the logs/meeting mins would be 
> quite useful. However the meeting is done in a public channel and the 
> important results are already in the wiki.

Slowly. I'm not talking about meetings. I'm talking about FESCo related
development communication that takes place in private or semi-public
places only. If more such communication is hidden from the eyes of
community observers, it becomes even more difficult to help or to learn
what is missing. Please don't expect contributors to hunt for relevant
bits in IRC.

Apparently, it's not even clear whether this action item belongs to FESCo
or Infrastructure. ;)

comps.xml is listed as an action item on FESCo's schedule. Searching the
relevant mailing-lists has not turned up anything about it that would be
equal to a status update. It's amusing that I'm supposed to either monitor
two IRC channels 24/7 or ask many question before somebody might hand out
a copy of the channel logs. Asking on fedora-extras-list for a status
update was close to fruitless as could be experienced a few days ago.

Anyway, meanwhile, as a result of this thread, I've received a status
update via mail. We'll continue there.

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