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Re: [fab] looking at our surrent state a bit

On Friday 03 November 2006 12:24, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> For Ubuntu it seems fine: They started gathering ideas right away when
> they released 6.10

That's great for them.  Was it Canonical folks, or idle chatter from the 
Ubuntu community and somebody tossed up a wiki page with wish lists?

> > A) it takes focus off the release we're trying to get out the door,
> Well, I assume at lest some packagers will have their packages in a good
> shape already by FCxT3. Those could work on FC(x+1) internally already.

And when there is no 'internal' ?  What sucked this time around was RHEL5.  
There are still lots of bugs being found in RHEL5 testing, causing fixes to 
be spun there, in FC6 land and in rawhide land.  So we didn't really have 
idle core developers.  Next time around, who knows.  However next time around 
may prove to be a completely different beast anyway, what with the potential 

> > and drowns
> > out already noisy mailing lists that we're trying to gather test feedback
> > with threads-o-doom about what joe user wants to see in the next release,
> > and why bob user thinks the bike shed should be brown.
> Well, we have different lists for it, but don't enforce that. We should

So you create a new list and hope people follow you there, or you cut folks 
off and have a psuedo private discussion and then get beat up for not having 
it on more 'open' lists (IE where more people are).  I'm not convinced that 
more lists are the answer.

> > B) nothing can be shown for the plan for a good long while as rawhide
> > can't start taking these new plans
> We could start opening up rawhide a bit earlier (e.g. when the final FCx
> was build). But yes, I agree here round about.

maybe, however that would break folks currently on rawhide or Test3 releases 
waiting for the final to 'upgrade'.  Tradeoff at the end user's expense.

> > C) folks doing the planning are usually pretty frazzled trying to get
> > Test3 out and then cleaning up for the final
> Agreed. That's btw one of the reasons why I started this thread: We IMHO
> need more of those folks "doing the planning and finishing the release".

Unfortunately most of those that can do something with the planning are the 
same ones doing the releasing.  I don't think more people is the answer here 
either, rather better timing of the planning vs the releasing.

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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