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Re: [fab] looking at our surrent state a bit

Jesse Keating schrieb:
> On Friday 03 November 2006 12:24, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
>> For Ubuntu it seems fine: They started gathering ideas right away when
>> they released 6.10
> That's great for them.  Was it Canonical folks, or idle chatter from the 
> Ubuntu community and somebody tossed up a wiki page with wish lists?

From:  	 	Mark Shuttleworth <mark-AT-canonical.com>
Subject: 	Planning for Ubuntu 7.04 - the "Feisty Fawn"

>>> A) it takes focus off the release we're trying to get out the door,
>> Well, I assume at lest some packagers will have their packages in a good
>> shape already by FCxT3. Those could work on FC(x+1) internally already.
> And when there is no 'internal'?

There is always "local"

>  What sucked this time around was RHEL5.  

I know.

> There are still lots of bugs being found in RHEL5 testing, causing fixes to 
> be spun there, in FC6 land and in rawhide land.  So we didn't really have 
> idle core developers.

Yeah, okay -- but maybe you'd had community interest in things if you
would give the community a chance to get participate in time? Tha what
we all want afaics.

>  Next time around, who knows.  However next time around 
> may prove to be a completely different beast anyway, what with the potential 
> merger.
>>> and drowns
>>> out already noisy mailing lists that we're trying to gather test feedback
>>> with threads-o-doom about what joe user wants to see in the next release,
>>> and why bob user thinks the bike shed should be brown.
>> Well, we have different lists for it, but don't enforce that. We should
>> IMHO.
> So you create a new list

I didn't propose a new list. You did.

> and hope people follow you there, or you cut folks 
> off and have a psuedo private discussion and then get beat up for not having 
> it on more 'open' lists (IE where more people are).  I'm not convinced that 
> more lists are the answer.

As I said: I didn't propose new lists. fedora-devel was always meant for
devel discussions; issues with rawhide where always meant to be
discussed on fedora-test-list iirc. We just don't enforce that. We even
stopped to communcate that to the people.

>>> B) nothing can be shown for the plan for a good long while as rawhide
>>> can't start taking these new plans
>> We could start opening up rawhide a bit earlier (e.g. when the final FCx
>> was build). But yes, I agree here round about.
> maybe, however that would break folks currently on rawhide or Test3 releases 
> waiting for the final to 'upgrade'.  Tradeoff at the end user's expense.


>>> C) folks doing the planning are usually pretty frazzled trying to get
>>> Test3 out and then cleaning up for the final
>> Agreed. That's btw one of the reasons why I started this thread: We IMHO
>> need more of those folks "doing the planning and finishing the release".
> Unfortunately most of those that can do something with the planning are the 
> same ones doing the releasing.  I don't think more people is the answer here 
> either, rather better timing of the planning vs the releasing.

Well, yes, maybe that's a solution, too.


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