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Re: [fab] Fwd: Mono and FC

Jesse Keating wrote:

I'm also personally concerned about the dangers of tainting. If MSFT folks are contributing to the Mono code that Novell uses, they have no worry because Novell and Microsoft have a pact. However if say a Red Hat employee looks at the source code, does that employee then become tainted by the Microsoft code? Is not anything that employee does that is related come under danger of Microsoft litigation? It is something I would like to avoid all together.

If we could get upstream gnome to boot mono to the curb, I would follow suite with Fedora, sending a clear message that we have NO INTEREST in Novell+Microsoft tainted products. Sure, immediately we lose things like beagle, f-spot, and tomboy, surely replacements can be written in non BOO SCARY code... We could send the message that says "we don't care about protection from Microsoft for this software, because we don't care about that software, see we're using something better, safer, cheaper, and the community is with us."

Unfortunately, the potential issues with exclusionary patent agreements and any possible solutions probably cannot be limited to Mono though it is probably the most significant project since the current move sets political if not legal precedent for patent claims in the future against other distributions except Novell and even Novell if the agreement isnt renewed after 5 years.

Novell is working with Microsoft on virtualisation and openxml format support which probably results in code to xen and openoffice.org both of which has significant Novell developers working on them. If these contributions are under GPL and LGPL respectively then the patent clause in GPL automatically grants everyone else the necessary rights or would prevent Novell from distributing the code to anyone. So we are probably safe with that. Things for Legal to carefully look at.


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