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Re: [fab] Most Advanced 100% Free Distribution?

Warren Togami wrote:
Rahul Sundaram wrote:
I am not sure what the kernel binary blobs in this PR refers to. AFAIK, the upstream kernel itself includes firmware which we dont remove in Fedora. Our guidelides dont require source for all firmware and just redistribution rights.

Maybe we don't want to go this far. The benefits of redistributable firmware perhaps greatly outweigh the ideological benefits.

Firmware is nowhere near the level of evil as binary-only drivers hooking into the kernel.

Right. I have send a list of items a while back for FSF to go through and let me know their standing on them. I am waiting on that before we decide how far we want to go with Fedora regarding firmware.

One of the interesting items that caught my attention in the announcement is "builder" which is described as a tool to create customized distributions. We have a lot of derivative distributions that sync back to Fedora on every release or so and we should be enabling them to do that and contribute back in a easy fashion. We might also have a need to do derivatives and respins within the project. Someone should look at what that tool does and whether it would fit into our needs.


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