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Re: [fab] State of Fedora (a long email)

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:

Well, this list is invitation only,

Others do send mails to this list. It is moderated.

fedora-devel is much to noisy. I'm
*wondering* if we should have some kind of "fedora-project-discussions"
mailinglist, where any member of cla_done in the accounts system can
participate (or even all? maybe moderated?).

Fedora maintainers was supposed to be something like that. I dont think creating more mailing lists is the answer here. Instead of ignoring fedora-devel list as noise, bear with it and post more discussions there for general development ideas. Maintainers should be used in a limited fashion.

Agreed in general -- but currently it's not possible for community
members to influence our biggest sub-project (Core) and maybe that was
one of the reasons why I asked for above. A proper "Fedora Core Steering
Committee" with community members could help to silence that wish.

If core doesnt exist in the future, then it would be something like a Fedora Techinical Committee that oversees the entire Fedora development. I am not sure whether this needs to be a elected set of people though.


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